Janitorial Services

Our Janitorial services provides a clean that your facility can be proud of! We use commercial grade cleaning solutions only, go from corner to corner and we do it all with a big smile. Sparkling Clear is driven by passion and we are passionate about providing clean environments to offices, industrial buildings, and all who appreciate a fresh space.

  • Custom Cleaning Packages
  • High Dusting; vents, ceiling fans,etc.
  • Floor Care.

Window Cleaning

Our specialty! At Sparkling Clear we clean up to 3 story buildings, use a special purifying water system( 2 to 3 story buildings) and we treat calcium build-up on windows. Our trained technicians use only the best technique to provide effective and efficient service. Give your customers the goodness that is sunshine beaming through clean windows!

  • Storefronts
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial

Pressure Washing

Got grease? Our Pressure washing services can help you take care of that. Different materials require different pressure and we are educated in them all. We can help you maintain a stain-free storefront space that will welcome your customers again and again!

  • Grease Trap - Dumpster Area
  • Drive-thru's
  • Awning's; dirt and bird dropping removal.