The 3 C's

✔ Clean

From the windows to the walls.

Delivering a quality clean is what we do! Sparkling Clear is not into rushed jobs and half done cleaning...who wants that?!? We are serious about making sure that we provide the same service to others that we would want to receive for ourselves. No matter the time or day, our custom cleaning schedules will help keep your facility Sparkling Clear.

✔ Consistency

Every Client, Every Time.

Our dedicated routes ensure that we never miss service. We schedule a month in advance to secure dates and give room for reschedules. If scheduled for a weekly, monthly or quarterly clean you will see us on the same day or date routinely. Cleaning shouldn't be temperamental, it should be consistent.

✔ Customer


Sparkling Clear knows that "handling business" far exceeds the day to day operations of cleaning. We believe that handling business is treating people right by giving the time and attention they need in every situation. We are honored to have every client that we serve and we seek to show gratitude by showing kindness, being cheerful and delivering a friendly customer experience.